J+J is the directing duo of Jess Zou and Jing Shao. First meeting in 2011, Jess and Jing quickly found themselves of similar taste in movies, music, art and humor. Building off each others creative energy, Jess and Jing utilized indie crew techniques to collaborate on several small scale projects, each rotating as DOP, editor and director. This humble beginning eventually led to larger scale projects for both local and global brands such as Hilton, Adidas, Baileys, Johnnie Walker, OPPO, Intel, and Levis with Shawn Yue and Frankie Han.

Jess was a rebellious child who was born and raised in the Chinese beach city of Xiamen. She studied English Literature in college and wrote her thesis on the plays of Woody Allen. This first taste of storytelling lead Jess into the world of television where she worked as a director and editor for reality, travel and cultural shows. Her relentless pursuit of authenticity and knack for strong visuals eventually led her to the commercial and filmmaking world. Her independently produced feature documentary, “The Beginning”, about Chinese independent animators, recently screened at the Sydney Opera House Graphic Festival. Jing is a Chinese born but American grown director who was raised on Hardy Boys paperbacks and Saturday morning cartoons. His love of stories led him to the School of Cinematic Arts at USC where he studied film production and produced and directed several award-winning shorts that played at festivals around the world. In 2010, Jing embarked on a life-changing trip to his birthplace, Shanghai. There, he found a place that could continually challenge him creatively, intellectually and personally, a place he could call home away from home and a place where he could start his career. Despite their different backgrounds and perspectives, Jess and Jing continually find a common ground from which to grow their stories and ideas. Authenticity, spirit and originality are central to Jing and Jess’s creative philosophies and will characterize their work for as long as they can point the camera.

J+J was reciently showcased in SHOTS Magazine and was selected for the New Directors showcase for SHOOT. They are currently directing commercials and branded short films in China and greater Asia and coming to America August, 2014.