Brad began his career as an assistant to a commercial and film director in Los Angeles. Being able to work closely with major brands, top ad agencies and film producers gave him an invaluable education in filmmaking. It wasn’t long before he was shooting on his own, mostly behind the scenes on commercials which forced him to become a cameraman and more importantly a storyteller.  Working mainly with non-actors he realized how important it was to find or create an environment that makes the subject comfortable so they could forget about the camera and have a conversation. Transitioning the idea into the narrative format, Brad’s unique ability to cast and cultivate performances from actors gives his work a sense of realness and believability.

Working with a vast array of clients such as; Gillette/P&G, Bank of America, Toyota, Jiffy Lube and Pennzoil Brad prides him self in the relationships made through the creative and collaborative process.

Raised in New England, Brad has recently returned with his wife and two sons where he finds inspiration in the gorgeous and diverse landscapes of the eastern seaboard.  Although he misses the sunny coasts of California, there is something about chopping and stacking wood on a cold, gray day that connects him to the human spirit.