Toronto based filmmaker, Tamir Moscovici got his start at Montreal’s

Concordia University. After graduating with a bachelor of fine arts,

specialization in film production Tamir persued a career in filmmaking.

Since 1995 Tamir has directed documentaries, commercials, music videos,

and films. Filmmaking has taken Tamir around the world in the pursuit of

storytelling. Subjects range, but all have one thing in common, a

combination of strong visuals and a realism that can range from glossy to

gritty, but always honest.

What’s special about these Canadian Projects? In short, that no one

expected them to come from Canada. These films / projects were all

created with one focus, storytelling, and as such they have all

transcended the Canadian market striking a nerve globally. Tamir’s work

focuses on telling the story his way, and sometimes that means giving the

client what they need rather then what they think they want. In an age

where branded content is the flavour of the month Tamir is at the

forefront not just creating content but writing the playbook for others

to follow.

Some have referred to Tamir as the next Errol Morris, able to walk

through the landscape of traditional advertising while still remaining a

filmmaker, his craft is being single bid more often then not, agency,

clients and independents want him to tell their stories.